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This line design is recommended for ages 8 and up. It is not recommended for mathematical academic courses. This journal has 120 pages, full color, on 70 pound text paper. It has a soft front cover, wire binding and a heavy chipboard backing for an ultimate writing experience.

Chatter Box

  • Chatter Box focuses on two things: communication and the effects of communication within friendships. It is created to help the writer understand how communication can play a vital role in how people interact in relationships. This journal also provides opportunities for the writer to reflect upon her own self image. It is important that we have, and maintain, healthy personal esteem about who we are as an individual and recognize our needs within friendships/(relationships).

    The line design for Chatter Box displays expressive and intense, medium spaced, wavy and curvy lines, in color-blocked sections. This design is created to allow the writer to process segmented thoughts, over short periods of time. As with all the journals, it may also be a wonderous adventure for the writer who may, occasionally, ‘daydream.’